Highly realistic VR gaming experiences

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Null Lights Sports: Baseball

Null Lights Sports: Baseball is our VR baseball/softball game! The goal of the Null Lights Sports series is to provide you with realistic sports, so you can play them any time of day without leaving home!


  • Game modes include batting, pitching and catching for baseball or softball (multiple other balls such as tennis and cricket for fun)
  • Includes custom bat selector to choose the bat you use in real life (metal, ash, maple, birch, with custom length)
  • Build any pitcher from real life with the custom input settings, perfect for any league (or if you ever thought about playing against your favorite pro)
  • Includes colored "spin ball" to help identify pitches
baseball picture

Null Lights Sports: Barbeque Battle

Null Lights Sports: Barbeque Battle is a classic casual VR FPS!


  • 14 different game modes
  • 20 different maps
  • 8 different characters
  • 25 different gun settings
null light sports barbeque battle picture

Null Lights Sports: Baseball Updates

1.0.0 - released on feb 2, 2022. This is the initial beta version of the game

Null Lights Sports: Barbeque Battle Updates

1.0.0 - released on feb 2, 2022. This is the initial beta version of the game

Highly realistic VR gaming experiences

Our goal is to bring the most realistic VR gaming experiences to you, with high quality graphics.

We only build games we would play!

Realistic Experiences

We spend a lot of time researching, to create highly realistic gameplay aspects

High Quality Graphics

Our games utilize high quality graphics, as we were tired of seeing good gameplay VR games, with low quality graphics

Highly Optimized

Our games are thoroughly tested and use many custom from scratch solutions (like websocket multiplayer). We also use the OpenXR protocol for a standardized experience across VR headsets

Fair Priced

Our games are priced fairly. Enough to continue our work, and for you to be able to purchase multiple games




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. During the beta stage their may be some bugs with reloading the menus or other gameplay features. This is why the price is 50% off, but if your unsatified with the game, you can always email support@nullboundaires.games and we can issue a refund.

    Note even when the game is out of the beta stage, you can get a refund any time for any reason.

  • Watch the game tutorials above and refer to the game instructions PDF below

    Null Boundaries Gaming - Baseball - Getting Started

    Null Boundaries Gaming - Barbeque Battle - Getting Started

  • Yes, all updates are always free. Please redownload the game from your purchase link once the website announces an update

  • The only time the price would increase slightly is if their were many new maps or modes added, or multiplayer mode was added, and of course when we transition out of the beta phase

  • VR Headset

    Our games are designed on the Valve Index

    Our games have been tested on the following headsets:

    Valve Index

    In theory it should work on any of the high end computer connected headsets, as we use the standard OpenXR protocol, although this has not been tested yet. If someone is interested in helping me test this game out on a different headet I can provide a free copy of the game for your help (contact me at support@nullboundaries.games)

    Of course if the game does not work you can contact me for help, or a refund at any time.

    Computer Hardware

    A recent windows 10 or 11 gaming system that plays other VR games should work fine, but if the game is not compatible with your system, request a refund any time.


Our contact information can be found on our company website